Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary

The Shwedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary was established in Budapest on October 27th, 1995.

Important activities and services

  • Assistance in starting-up operations
  • Trade and production partners research
  • Commercial information
  • Employees recruiting, selection and training
  • Assistance in interpreting, translating and trade negotiations
  • Publishing on focused press
  • Assistance in developing relationships with authorities and institutions
  • Delegation (agency) and addressing service
  • Exhibitions/Trade fairs assistance
  • Organization meetings, seminary etc.
  • Legal taxation, Hungarian and EU tenders information service
  • Services on – demand

Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary (SCCH)
Magyarországi Svéd Kereskedelmi Testület

1121 Budapest, Ágnes út 21. A

Year of foundation: 1995

Number of members: 45 members, 9 associate members, 12 honorary members

Thomas Straumits

Secretary -General
Márta Böddi

E-Mail: swedishchamber@swedishchamber.hu
Phone: +36-30-9708433, +36-1-2755810

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