Who we are

Permanent Commission
of the bilateral business chambers and other business organisations of EU member states operating in Hungary

Our Mission

The Mission of the Permanent Commission is to support the improvement of the legal, institutional and business framework for successful operation of companies of other EU member states in Hungary.

The Permanent Commission does not intend to deal with issues of a national or bilateral character, which lie exclusively within the competence of individual commercial and industrial Chambers or similar business associations.

Our History

On April 28, 1994 the British Chamber of Commerce in Hungary, the German­-Hungarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the French-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Italian-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce agreed in Budapest to intensify their cooperation with regard to the European treaties and within the framework of the European Union.

Therefore, it was agreed to establish the Permanent Commission of the National and Bilateral Chambers of the EU-countries in Hungary (“the Permanent Commission”).

The Austrian Trade Commission Budapest and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce joined the Permanent Commission on June 4, 1998.


Any foreign or bilateral business / economic organization of companies of EU member states in Hungary that has been established or may be established in the future may join the Permanent Commission by signing the “Memorandum of Understanding”.

Any other type of organization or diplomatic delegations with business interest may become an Associate Member by signing the Memorandum. The Council may make grant the status of Member by a qualified majority of 75% of present Members.

The signatories (Members and Associate Members) do not intend to establish institutions which would constitute legal entities.

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