Slovene-Hungarian Business Association

With about 900 companies, the German-Hungarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DUIHK) is the largest foreign chamber in Hungary, and is been regarded as the most important organization in strengthening and broadening the economic ties between Germany and Hungary.

The German-Hungarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce has been established in May 1993 by 47 German and Hungarian companies and institutions. Historically, it revived the bilateral traditions of its predecessor, the German-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, which was founded in 1920.

German owned companies today provide jobs to more than a quarter of a million Hungarians, thus contributing not only to employment and growth in Hungary, but also taking on vital responsibility for social issues in this country.

The DUIHK’s main objective is to support the international business of its members and other companies by providing them with customized consultancy services, comprehensive information and practical solutions.  More than 30 bilingual professionals provide reliable assistance during the first steps of entering new markets, for organizing training and education or in taxation issues. Its activities are bolstered by a broad international network, since after all, the DUIHK is a member of the worldwide German Chamber Network (AHK) operating in 92 countries across the world, and it closely co-operates with all regional chambers in Germany as well.

Slovene-Hungarian Business Association
Szlovén-Magyar Üzletemberek Egyesülete

Year of foundation: 2009

Number of members: 50 members (2013)

Gordan Ban

Dr. Róbert Gombis

Bence Sárossy

Phone: +36 30 4381774

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