Representation of the European Commission in Budapest

The European Commission Representative office in Budapest was established in March 2004. Its main task is to maintain official contacts and represent the interests of citizens, the media, civil society and professional organisations, national and local authorities, as well as the diplomatic missions of EU Member States and third countries.

It is equally important to analyse political, economic and social developments in Hungary and to inform the European Commission’s headquarters in Brussels. In this context, the Representation also prepares and organises the meetings and visits of the President and members of the European Commission to Hungary.

Keeping the Hungarian public informed about the European Commission’s position, the background to Commission initiatives and important events in European integration is another important part of the Representative office.

Representation of the European Commission in Budapest Európai Bizottság Magyarországi Képviselete

1024 Budapest, Lövõház u. 35

Year of Foundation: 2004

Gábor Zupko

Phone: +36 1 209 9700

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