Czech-Hungarian Business Club

The main objective of the Czech-Hungarian Business Club is to develop bilateral business relations and support the cooperation between Czech and Hungarian businesses. In addition to the above, we would like to provide a forum for companies and privates persons alike to strengthen their cultural and human ties beyond business connections. Our vision is to contribute to the efforts that the two countries -the two nations- make in order to better understand the values of the other, and to support the evolution of the traditional forms of cooperation to bring mutual benefits for both parties.

      The business club had been established 9 years ago. Reelection took place in 2008. At this time the newly elected board members – together with the members of a club – are dedicated to restructuring the club’s activities. The new Bylaw, the Organizational and Operating Regulation, the Website and the 2011 plans provide ideal conditions for our members to find business prospects and expand their business activities. The cornerstone of the top-level activity of our Club is maintaining meaningful contacts with our Cooperating Partners, such as the Czech Embassy in Budapest, Czech Center, Czech Tourism, the Czech-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce in Prague and FIVOSZ.

      A major advantage of the Club is that it, as an advocacy group, actively participates in organizing business meetings for the business delegations arriving from the Czech Republic. The Club submits proposals for inter-government economic negotiations concerning bilateral trade stimulation, exploring the problems of the field and elaborating solutions for such problems.

      The majority of our members are businesses, organizations and individuals operating or working in Hungary, which/who have various Czech interests and connections, are dedicated to develop these connections and agree with Club`s business targets. The members of the Club are primarily trade and service companies representing a wide range of sectors: from car sales, through the processing and food industry, to the various services sectors.

      In the remaining part of this year, we would like to properly adjust the Club`s activities to the current complex economic situation and support our members in adapting to the quickly changing economic realities of the time with the help of the benefits attached to the Club membership. We hope that in the Club our members can find an even more reliable means of support.

      The long-term objective of the Club is to convert into a chamber of commerce in the next two-three years, in cooperation with the Visegrád Four, and represent the interest of the members in the new form at a higher organization level.

Cseh – Magyar Üzleti Klub

1142 Budapest, Erzsébet Királyné útja 125.

Year of foundation: 2004.10.26. 

László Vajányi
RAVAK Hungary Kft.

Julianna Anna Takáts
Phone: +36 30 257-1499

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